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BBM on Android & iOS?

BBM- An exclusive feature every BlackBerry user enjoys, no matter which BlackBerry handset he/she possesses.
Android– An open-source Operating System developed by Andy Rubin, for tablets (Android 3.0) & mobile phones.
iOS– Apple’s proprietary Operating System installed in the iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch.

What would you say if I told you that these three companies might very soon, have one application which links them all together?

You’d say- “Bullshit. Android is open-source & hence, has only flexibility to offer. RIM & Apple aren’t going to incorporate that into their Operating Systems. Next is iOS, which is controlled by Apple. According to Apple, the consumer doesn’t know what he/she wants. It’s Apple that knows what the consumer wants. Lastly, there’s RIM…There’s no way RIM is going to let BBM reach other platforms.”

Cut that last line out.. Coz there have been STRONG rumors going around about RIM releasing BlackBerry Messenger for Android and iOS platforms. If the ‘oh-so-cool’ IM application makes it to Android & iOS, it could be a market-changer. Android & iPhone users can have their beloved applications AND have BBM(Hence, not receiving taunts like-“I have BBM and you don’t!” from BB users).

Now you’d ask- “Why would RIM want to give away the main reason people buy BlackBerrys?”

The answer is simple. RIM is baffled by the number of third-party applications (WhatsApp, PingChat) offering BBM experiences across leading platforms like Symbian, Android, iOS and BlackBerry. Since the original concept of IM was invented by RIM, it’s pretty obvious that they wouldn’t want anyone to intrude into their ‘oh-so-wonderful’ creation. So, basically, it’s just RIM’s way of politely asking applications like WhatsApp & PingChat to fuck off. 😀

Instead of competing with Android & iOS, RIM might be planning to fill the gap between low end & high end smartphones(created by Android & Apple). By allowing their sevice to be open to all platforms, RIM will continue the legacy of BBM. What this can do, is allow RIM to focus on creating fantabulous hardware for BlackBerrys which will be BBM compatible. This can then keep BBM as a hugely desirable AND reliable application. RIM will then rely on the affordability(by reducing prices) of their phones to regain market share & not because of BBM.

But, the possibilities of RIM offering a stripped-down version(videos, pictures, location etc. cannot be shared) of BBM for iOS & Android are pretty high. What RIM can also be doing is stealing customers away from Apple & Android. By offering a stripped-down version, RIM would be giving a taste of BBM to Android & iOS users who’ve never used a BB before. By doing this, RIM can own the IM market. This is either sheer genius or sheer stupidity on RIM’s part. RIM might also charge it’s third-party users a one-time fee or a recurrent fee for accessing its BlackBerry Messenger services.

The Android version of BBM is definitely a go, according to most rumors coz it’ll be much easier for RIM to develop & incorporate something like BBM into an open platform. The iOS version will be expected later, mainly because of Apple’s fickle application acquiescing.

Gotta say this- Smart move by RIM. :O


4 responses

  1. ansh712

    Awesome now u’ve left me in two minds BOS 6 or Android 2.2

    March 7, 2011 at 8:17 PM

    • Buy an Android! BB is passé, dude.

      March 7, 2011 at 8:40 PM

      • ansh712

        will take ur word on it……………

        March 8, 2011 at 2:26 PM

  2. you know who

    i like the pics chads

    April 4, 2011 at 11:15 PM

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