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Silicon Valley’s New Religion: “Apple’ism”

Article first published as Silicon Valley’s New Religion: “Apple’ism”on Technorati.

Next time you ask an Apple FanBoy where he’s heading, he might probably say, “To the Apple Store to pray to Steve Jobs!”
For the Apple FanBoys out there, the brand elicits an orgasm of a type which fans of other companies can never experience. According to a BBC documentary, the devotion that Apple FanBoys have towards the brand is comparable to hardcore religion.
The neuroscientists over at BBC ran a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) test on an Apple maniac and found out that pictures & videos of the company’s gizmos lit up the same parts of the brain as images of a deity do for religious people.
The documentary describes how “the opening of the new Apple store in London’s Covent Garden were more like an evangelical prayer meeting than a chance to buy a phone or a laptop.”
The employees at the Apple Store were found creating hysteria and excitement for the FanBoys waiting outside patiently, some since the day before. When the doors of the Apple Store were finally opened, the employees were found cheering and welcoming thousands of mentally disturbed Apple freaks through their doors for the rest of the day.

What the customers didn’t realize though was the fact that the Apple Store half a mile away (Regent Street) was selling the exact same stuff. The newly opened Apple Store didn’t have any special offers, no free gifts & no exclusive products whatsoever. If this isn’t devotion, bite me.
Apple devotees have gone to great lengths to prove their extra-marital affair with Apple with Apple logos as tattoos, bumper stickers and home shrines. Hell, one of my Apple FanBoy friends texts by putting an ‘i’ before every verb. For example, “iSpoke to her”, “iLost my phone”.  🙄

 Cult of Mac went ahead & reported an Apple FanBoy’s journey across 3200 miles just to visit Apple’s first ever  Store in Washington DC. Just by the way, he burnt a 100 gallons of gas. I can actually hear those environmentalists tutting and getting ready for some action.
Devotion? Fanaticism? Fervor? Consecration, maybe?
Go figure.


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