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The Chinese Supercomputer

China has recently come out with a new supercomputer to pound all computers. It’s called the Sunway BlueLight MPP and it’s one hell of a powerhouse. This beefy new computer has been installed at the National Supercomputer Center in Jinan.

This new supercomputer can perform around a 1000 trillion per second. That’s a petaflop, for people who didn’t know (The more number of FLOPS the computer can process, the faster it is.)..This machine is composed of a staggering 8700 microprocessors which help it to run in tip-top form. The microprocessors have been built by the Chinese themeselves (bit of an achievement, actually). China can now join the race to be the manufacturer of super-duper-computers, along with the USA and Japan.

This computer has 150 terabytes of main storage and 2 petabytes of external storage. Each microprocessor of the 8700 is clocked to 1.2 GHz, has 16 cores and is based on Reduced Instruction Set Computing technology. The RISC technology is a Central Processing Unit design which helps the computer process calculations much faster thanks to a simpler instruction set instead of a more complex one. This technology also helps to increase the number of registers and decrease the load on the memory access cycles. The amount of code required to program these is also lesser.

Each cabinet of the supercomputer has a mind-boggling density. Each cabinet can house at least 1024 CPUs. And, this beast has 9 cabinets. Along with the cabinets and the other brilliant specifications of this computer, the cooling system is an aluminium heat sink which uses 500 tonnes of pure water.

With the above impressive specs, you must’ve thought that this computer must be taking up a lot of electricity. This is going to be good news for pesky environmentalists because this piece of awesomeness consumes just one megawatt of electricity. This is about a quarter of their previous supercomputer- Tianhen1A.

The Chinese are really coming up with some sexy technology and this supercomputer is just a fraction of what’s to come in the future. Look out, USA! 😀


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  1. thnx for sharing ..nice

    November 1, 2011 at 7:24 PM

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