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Motorola’s Latest Way To Xoom Into Your Heart

Motorola has quietly just announced a svelte new successor to its widely successful tablet (the Motorola Xoom)- the Xoom 2.

The Xoom 2 has two versions. One of them is called a Xoom 2 Media Edition while the other is simply called the Xoom 2. In most ways, the two tablets are almost identical. Both of them run on a dual-core processor clocked at 1.2 GHz, both of them have 1 GB of RAM, both of them have 16 GB of storage and identical cameras(a 5 megapixel rear camera with a single LED flash & a 1.3 megapixel front-facing one).
Sadly, they don’t run on Google’s latest and greatest version of Android- Ice Cream Sandwich. These two beauties run on Google’s tablet OS- Honeycomb (3.2)!

The Motorola Xoom 2 is a 10.1 inch tablet with a sexy display having a resolution of 1280 X 800 pixels. At first glance, this looks just like a huge Nokia X7. The tablet weighs only 599 grams & is a mere 8.8 mm thick. A major, no wait, a humongous advantage that Motorola has over its competitors is the screen. It is made of Corning Gorilla Glass and is totally scratch-proof. Another raiment to the formidable screen is the water-resistant coating. This tablet can now go swimming with you! :O

An intelligent new technology developed by Motorola, called “Intelligent Grip Suppression” will allow you to hold the tablet in one hand with your thumb on the screen, and use the tablet normally with your other hand. The screen won’t register your thumb. Though this feature might be a little irritating at times, I’m sure people will get used to it and will grow to love it.

The Xoom 2 will be having a battery life of about 10 hours with constant usage. Real world usage should be of about a day or two.

The Xoom has an HDMI input/output port but, has sadly shed its USB port. Motorola says they want their users to depend on cloud storage a bit more. Which brings me to Motorola’s seamless integration of MotoCast, their cloud service into the device. A client has to be installed on your PC/Mac and it’ll let you stream videos, music, documents and anything you need onto your device. On the move.

An awe-inspiring new feature, a first in this generation of Moto devices, is a new stylus. Though most users would not prefer using a stylus on their tablets, those with artistic talents will be glad to sketch their renditions onto their tablet and show it off. But, hey, it might even be useful for taking down quick notes. The stylus will not be in-the-box but, will be an added accessory. The price for the same hasn’t been disclosed at this point of time.

Overall, the Motorola Xoom 2 is a hunk of a device. It looks good, is incredibly thin and has astounding specs.

Onto the Motorola Xoom 2 Media Edition now!
As expressed above, the Xoom 2 Media Edition has identical specs. In effect, both are of the same brethren.

But, there’s a slight difference here. The Media Edition is slightly smaller and can fit your entertainment needs perfectly. It has an 8.2 inch screen which boasts of a 178 degree viewing angle. Motorola really believes in the age-old proverb, “Sharing is caring”! 😀
This tablet is more fun & multimedia centric unlike its elder brother. This version has some added oomph in the form of a subwoofer and 3D Surround Sound. The tablet is 8.99 mm thick and weighs 386 grams. The battery life is slightly mediocre. This tablet can run only for 6 hours. It will be fun to see how this tablet will stack up against the Galaxy Tab 8.9!
The Media Edition sadly, doesn’t support the stylus. I can actually hear the budding Michelangelos out there whining; one of them being my 10 year old sister(or maybe she just whines without any reason. I shall never know).

Sadly, these tablets are going to be retailing only in wifi models and not 3G ones, because of Motorola’s debacle with the previous Xoom.
Motorola has issued an additional statement that these amazing pieces of gadgetry are going to be updated to the incredibly delicious Ice Cream Sandwich in 2012.
These tablets are extreme powerhouses and are bound to land in the UK by the end of November. The 10.1 inch Xoom 2 will be for £379.99 and its younger sibling will be available for £329.99. You do the math & convert them to the almighty (or, recessive, shall I say) American Dollar. We can expect them here in India by next year, hopefully. 🙂


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