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The Geeky Gift Of Time

The first thing that will probably come to your mind when you read the title of this post is maybe some boring old story about Time and its value. But, being the King of Laziness & Procrastination, I’d probably be the worst person to tell you that story. Seeing my erratic blog entries would probably give you a rough idea about that.

The topic of this post is watches and the amount of geeky techno-wizardry that goes into making some of the coolest watches that I have ever seen. Watches can be used as a fashion statement by some, a life essential by some and also by someone who just needs to have something on his/her wrist. The watches that I’ll be discussing in this post certainly won’t be appealing to the high and mighty. No Esprit, no Gucci, no Calvin Klein or any such random exotic designer/brand name will be found here. But, what you will find here is- the coolest collection of watches that you can gift to a geek (That was a hint to my best friends for what to get me for my next birthday).

1) Tokyoflash GridLock

The TokyoFlash Gridlock is one of the most simplest and minimalistic watches that I have seen till date. The watch is made of pure aluminium  and has a black and orange theme on the screen. The hours are displayed on the left hand side of the watch by highlighting the squares and the minutes are displayed on the right hand side by highlighting the small squares to depict digits. The watch has a brilliant sophisticated design which can make the wearer stand out in the crowd.

2) MuteWatch

For the makers of this watch, simplicity and design were topmost priority. MuteWatch was designed for an ideation contest at the Stockholm School of Economics. But soon, the maker realized that the idea generated a lot of positive feedback at the contest and decided to turn it into a full-fledged business. The MuteWatch consists of a simple LED screen which operates at 100 MHz and a simple, adjustable wristband so as to fit anyone. The MuteWatch has a capacitive and easy-to-use touchscreen and is quite configurable to suit one’s needs.To view time on the MuteWatch, one simply needs to tap on the flat surface or flick one’s wrist. The inbuilt accelerometer kicks in and immediately shows the time in simple, digital format. But, that’s not all that it does! Even though it looks extremely simple, you can also set an alarm or a timer on the watch!
The feature that I liked the most about the watch was that, when an alarm or a timer goes off, it doesn’t just make sounds. It vibrates! The user can choose whether to have a small vibration with a dismissal function or a long one without one.

The choice is yours! To recharge the MuteWatch, all you need to do is to connect it to your computer via the USB port found in the wristband of the watch. The MuteWatch is available in three snazzy colors- Charcoal Grey, Poppy Red and Pure White.

3) I’m Watch

I’m Watch is one of the first few watches to run on Google’s mobile Operating System- Android. The OS has been specifically watered down to match the requirements and the potential of the device. The smart-watch uses the i’m Droid Operating System. The i’m Droid community has a lot of applications and has an active developer community which comes up with various uses for the watch. The I’m Watch can sync with your Android or iOS smartphone and show your Facebook/Twitter feed on its tiny screen. The I’m Watch can also let you respond to emails and comes with a built-in speaker if you ever choose to not use the 3.5 mm jack.
There are different varieties of the I’m Watch- i’m Color, i’m Tech & i’m Jewel.
The i’m Color has 4 GB of internal memory, 128 MB of RAM and is basically for casual use. The i’m Color watch is made of aluminium and looks quite sexy.

The i’m Tech watch is made of Carbonium, Magnesium and Titanium. Geeks can take their pick as each and every watch has similar features.

The i’m Jewel watch is one that would appeal to the ladies who like to amalgamate their introverted geeky nature along with fashion. The i’m Jewel watches are made of pure silver and pure gold. These are the watches that radiate ebullience and coincidentally say-“Ambani has recently adopted me.”

4) Nooka Zizm

The Nooka Zizm is a watch a little bit out of the ordinary. The watch uses a faceted crystal lens to produce a refracted view of the time on the display. This adds an extremely cool, skewed effect to the watch.

The display features time, date, alarm and a few chronograph functions. The Nooka Zizm does not have any fancy features like the i’m Watch.
But, it is an insanely clinquant blend of design and ingenuity. The crystal atop the display of the watch is hand-polished and hand-cut for every Nooka Zizm sold. Also, the silicone strap that is sold with the Nooka Zizm can be cut according to your wrist size so that every Nooka Zizm is unique to its owner.

5) Abyss LED Touchscreen Watch

The Abyss LED touchscreen watch is a Tron-inspired watch. It consists of a ring of LEDs on the border of its classic circular display. The Abyss watch shows you the time only when you touch it. And that too, with an ultra-cool swooping animation which words cannot provide justice to. Hence, a video-

So, there you have it. You can now get me(preferably) or any other geek out there a variety of watches which will tickle his/her fancy to no end by providing uber-coolness, sexiness and practicality into a single package.

What are your views on this post?

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