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The Future’s In The Cloud

Something big just came out of Mountain View today. It’s a cloud storage service called Google Drive. With every other company releasing cloud storage services, the end user is often confused, suffocated and most likely, when asked about cloud services, has this very expression-

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One Smartphone To Rule Them All

The Mobile World Congress was the hub of many mobile companies announcing and releasing their brand new products. Most companies like Samsung and LG had the same old smartphones with the identical specifications. Samsung decided to release many new iterations of their current flagship model. Each one worse than the previous and bound to disappoint users to the utmost and make them bang their heads on the walls with misery. But, the atrocities of low-end Samsung mobile phones is not something that needs to be discussed. Just needs to be experienced. 🙂

While Samsung was busy releasing phones of varying processors and third-grade low-end phones, HTC released the Big Daddy of all smartphones. HTC has reinvented themselves and have gone for a complete makeover. The Taiwanese company has said that they won’t be releasing umpteen phones per year like Samsung and will instead, focus on their flagship models. This way, they can focus on quality and not quantity. The hardware and the image of the company has also gone under the hammer and has come out pretty sexily. HTC has released three new smartphones and has branded them as the ‘One’ series. They are the One S, One X and the One V.

These three HTC devices exude sexiness, style and lose all the extra bullshit that earlier HTC devices had. HTC has decided that these are the phones that they will be selling throughout the year. Let’s hope they don’t go the Samsung way and release an HTC A, HTC B, HTC C and so on and so forth, till everyone just loses interest. Read the rest of this page »

The ‘Vertu’al Albatross

No, I’m most certainly not referring to the hideously ugly bird, in the title.

What I’m referring to is Nokia’s British subsidiary- Vertu. What’s so shocking is that the Finnish giant never made such a huge hue and cry about its appurtenance. Coz if I were the owner of such a luxurious brand of cell phones, I would be marketing it as much as I market my blog & Twitter handle (See what I did there?). Read the rest of this page »

Samsung’s ‘Note’worthy Adversary

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it Superman with his underwear inside?

Hell, no. It’s the Samsung Galaxy Note. And, I have been lucky enough to receive a review device from Samsung India! 😀 Read the rest of this page »

Motorola’s Latest Way To Xoom Into Your Heart

Motorola has quietly just announced a svelte new successor to its widely successful tablet (the Motorola Xoom)- the Xoom 2.

The Xoom 2 has two versions. One of them is called a Xoom 2 Media Edition while the other is simply called the Xoom 2. In most ways, the two tablets are almost identical. Both of them run on a dual-core processor clocked at 1.2 GHz, both of them have 1 GB of RAM, both of them have 16 GB of storage and identical cameras(a 5 megapixel rear camera with a single LED flash & a 1.3 megapixel front-facing one).
Sadly, they don’t run on Google’s latest and greatest version of Android- Ice Cream Sandwich. These two beauties run on Google’s tablet OS- Honeycomb (3.2)! Read the rest of this page »