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The Future’s In The Cloud

Something big just came out of Mountain View today. It’s a cloud storage service called Google Drive. With every other company releasing cloud storage services, the end user is often confused, suffocated and most likely, when asked about cloud services, has this very expression-

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iCloud Fueled By Microsoft

This may come as a bit of a rude shock to all the Apple FanBoys out there. And I’m so bloody glad that it will.
Apple’s latest foray into the cloud-computing arena was much hyped about. iCloud made all the iFans go “Boo-Yeah!” because their beloved company FINALLY had something to compete with Google Music & Amazon Cloud Drive.


Apple’s WWDC 2011

Apple’s WorldWide Developer Conference 2011 was an event which was quite hyped. And it has lived up to most of its expectations except for some new hardware.

A quickie on what’s to come in this post- Mac OS X Lion, iOS 5 and iCloud.

  • Mac OS X: The Mac OS X Lion is Apple’s latest addition to its already huge family. (more…)