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Apple Tries To Claim Innocence

Article first published as Apple Blames iOS Bugs on Technorati.

A few days ago, Apple was blamed for tracking its iPad and iPhone users by Privacy International Association. (more…)


iSpy- Apple’s New Technology

Article first published as iSpy- Apple’s latest technology on Technorati.

So, you’re enjoying that shiny new Apple product, eh?
Showing it off to anyone who cares to listen to you, aren’t you?

Well, guess what?
Your sexy new iPad/iPhone is tracking each and every move of yours. Yes, you read that right. Your iDevice is secretly tracking your moves. So, don’t go off to places you aren’t supposed to! 😉 (more…)

Samsung Versus Apple

Article first published as Samsung Versus Apple on Technorati.

Apple’s lawsuit against Samsung over “slavishly copying” the design and the look and feel of the ‘oh-so-popular” iPad and the iPhone, is going to be one of the biggest legal battles of 2011. (more…)