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Apple-One, Samsung-Nil

Pretty much everyone knows about the legal brouhaha happening between Apple and Samsung. Now that the battle has been going on since forever, it was high time that some sort of decision was actually made.

In the wee hours of Friday morning, a federal jury of the United States of America recommended that Apple be rewarded the damages which are due to it from Samsung’s blatant copying in the design of their Galaxy series. The damages are worth a really cool $1.05 billion. That’s the kind of money that makes you stop and remember how many zeroes are used while writing it in figures (There are nine zeroes, just by the way).



Torching The BB Torch 9860

After a long time, RIM has managed to cook up a few brand new devices running the ‘latest technology’. Sadly, for RIM, their technology isn’t going to match up to the likes of Samsung, Apple, Motorola, HTC etc.

Nevertheless, the fact mentioned above isn’t going to deter the fact that I’m still going to review it. 😛

The BlackBerry Torch 9860 is one of the ‘just finished’ pieces from the RIM factory. This time around, Mr. Jim Balsillie (RIM CEO) must’ve hired and fired a hell lot of engineers to get the new line of BBs out of the door. After the previous Storm push-screen and Torch slider debacle, I’m sure the new Torch 9860 has been well worked upon. (more…)