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Apple-One, Samsung-Nil

Pretty much everyone knows about the legal brouhaha happening between Apple and Samsung. Now that the battle has been going on since forever, it was high time that some sort of decision was actually made.

In the wee hours of Friday morning, a federal jury of the United States of America recommended that Apple be rewarded the damages which are due to it from Samsung’s blatant copying in the design of their Galaxy series. The damages are worth a really cool $1.05 billion. That’s the kind of money that makes you stop and remember how many zeroes are used while writing it in figures (There are nine zeroes, just by the way).



Samsung’s ‘Note’worthy Adversary

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it Superman with his underwear inside?

Hell, no. It’s the Samsung Galaxy Note. And, I have been lucky enough to receive a review device from Samsung India! 😀 (more…)

Galaxy Nexus & Ice Cream Sandwich Launch

This post is for the people who missed out on the Galaxy Nexus & Ice Cream Sandwich launch. Here’s the full HD video of the launch. Enjoy. 🙂


Google just bought Motorola for $12.5 BILLION! :O

With this massive acquisition, Google has bought approximately 20,000 employees. And, not to forget, about 24,000 patents (everyone knows that Motorola has the patent of the cell phone!)! And, last but not the least, Google has bought an enormous market share which is going to make Steve Jobs pee in his iconic blue jeans.

Since the humble launch of Android in 2003 by Andy Rubin and the acquisition by Google in 2005, Android has not been as strong in the hardware department as it has been in the software department. Google had earlier relied on HTC and Samsung to make the two Nexus phones (Google phones). But, this has all changed with the latest Motorola acquisition. Google has now become the second largest manufacturer of Android handsets! (more…)

The Tablet Revolutionary

Simply by laying one finger on the beautiful Galaxy Tab 750, you shall know why it usurps the position of all other tablets in the market.
When this tablet was launched in the United States of America, I was extremely excited for Samsung to launch it here in India. The specifications, the features, the applications, the Operating System and a plethora of  features all add up to say only one one thing about this marvelous tablet- AWESOMENESS.

So what exactly is it about the Galaxy Tab 750 that makes it as desirable to me as the apple was to Eve?

The first thing that appealed to me about this tablet was its weight. Or rather, the lack of it. At 565 grams, this is THE lightest tablet in the market. To match this specification, is the thinness of the tablet. The Galaxy Tab 750 is only 8.6 mm thin. And, all this weightlessness & thinness sure doesn’t cut into the performance aspect of this tablet!

  • Processor: The Samsung Galaxy Tab 750’s functioning and utilitarianism is as smooth as butter on a knife! This is all thanks to the efficient 1 GHz dual-core processor packed in the hood. This facilitates effortless usage of the tablet; multi-tasking has never been so easy! This beast of a processor has been made by none other than Nvidia and is the latest make of the Tegra 2 line of processors.
  • Display: The Galaxy Tab 750 surely packs a punch with its 10.1 inch display. The vibrancy and the depth of the colours could make even Pablo Picasso swoon. The 1280*800 pixels resolution will make sure that a crisp and vivid image is displayed to me every time! I can’t wait to playback my favourite memories on this beautiful tablet! The display will also support High Definition(1080p) playback.
  • Camera: For an avid photographer like me who is not into photography at a professional level, the Galaxy Tab 750’s 3 megapixel rear camera is ideal. The front 2 megapixel camera will be absolutely perfect for video-calling my family and friends! Not only this, I can record my memories on the Galaxy Tab 750 using the High Definition(1080p) Recording Feature!
  • Connectivity: The Galaxy Tab 750 would help me stay connected to my friends all the time with its advanced HSPA+ and Wifi technology. The GPS would ensure that I no longer wander around the streets without a clue! And Bluetooth 2.1 would help me sync and share data wirelessly.

The above features excited me the most about Samsung’s latest tablet!
But, here are many other features from the galaxy of the Galaxy Tab 750 that ignite a spark in me at the slightest mention-

  1. Speakers- The speakers on this tablet complement the High Definition screen. With dual surround-sound speakers, this tablet is surely going to rejuvenate my movie-watching experience!
  2. Battery Life– With so many features, I would have expected the Galaxy Tab 750 to have an extremely short battery life. But, this is not so. The 6860 mAh battery can keep me entertained for around 9-10 hours. And, looking at the short attention span that I have, that Tab is surely going to increase it. 😀
  3. Audio– The Galaxy Tab 750 comes with a standard 3.5 mm jack so that users are given the freedom to use their choice of earphones. Almost every format under the Sun is supported by the Galaxy Tab 750.
That’s it for the hardware part! Now comes the soul of this awesome tablet- the software.
  • Operating System: The Galaxy Tab 750 runs on the latest iteration of the Android Operating system developed by Google- Android 3.1 (Honeycomb). This Operating System is especially for tablets and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 takes full advantage of the features of this Operating System! Frequent updates are also provided by Samsung & Google!
  • Flash Support: Since the Galaxy Tab 750 runs Android 3.1, it supports Adobe Flash natively. So, users who are uncomfortable with using an application for Youtube can use the browser, instead!
  • UI: The Galaxy Tab 750 comes with Samsung’s proprietary UI- TouchWiz. The Galaxy Tab has the latest version of TouchWiz installed- TouchWiz UX. It is one of the many features that appeal to me about this excellent tablet made by Samsung. My favourite TouchWiz feature so far is the Media Hub, which syncs all rented movies across my Samsung Galaxy S!
  • Android Market & Applications: With the implementation of Android, come the amazing applications. With over a hundred applications and counting, the Android Market is one hell of a place to download some amazing applications for this droolworthy tablet. Personally, I can’t wait to play my favourite game, Angry Birds, on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 750! And, since the Android platform has been made by Google, it has its own suite of Google Applications which would be extremely helpful in day-to-day life!

  • Customization: The Galaxy Tab 750 is extremely customizable to the user’s individual tastes, without any illegal methods!
So, here was a short summary of the features of the Galaxy Tab that I personally love! All in all, this tablet is the best on the market and has by far revolutionized the face of tablet technology in the world. I’d love to own one of these delectable delights! 🙂