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Windows Phone 8- A World Without Walls

When Microsoft first announced the mere presence of Windows Phone 8 back in June, I was every bit excited back then as I am now. And now, six months later, the OS is out of the door alongside Windows 8 for PCs, tablets, hybrids and whatnot. Windows Phone 8 has been a massive update for the Windows Phone ecosystem. Like its brethren, this update is simply mind-blowing. The main new features of Windows Phone 8 are-

  1. Live apps– Almost everyone is aware of the Live Tiles made famous by Microsoft. These tiles constantly update information from various sources and for various purposes and are an integral part of the Windows Phone experience. Like Live Tiles, Microsoft has now introduced Live Apps. These Live Apps are applications which can be pinned onto the lockscreen of the phone to keep getting updated. Along with the live apps, you can now add any five icons at the bottom of the screen to give you updates on missed calls, messages, Facebook updates etc. There is support for third-party applications, as well. (more…)